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Disclaimer for Diwali Personal Loan Offer(valid from 20th to 28th October)

Only PL applications received through the Tata Capital website (www.tatacapital.com) between 20th October 2016 to 28th October 2016, for which loan disbursal happens on or before 15th November 2016 will be eligible for the offer.

First 5 loan applicants (per day)who apply and get disbursal in the above mentioned duration for amount more than 9 lac will be eligible for an Apple iPad Mini 2 Tablet (Wi-fi Only).

The offer should reach the eligible applicants through email or courier within 45 days from the date of loan disbursal, Tata Capital will not be responsible for non-delivery due to any circumstance which is not Tata Capital controlled.

Tata Capital reserves the right to modify/withdraw the offer at its own discretion without prior communication.

Tata Capital can hold back or cancel the gratification in case the applicant is found to have violated any Personal Loan related T&C at any point during the tenure of the availed loan facility.

Tata Capital does not have responsibility to ensure the goods/services purchased from the voucher. Any issue with goods/services needs to be taken up with the respective Company.

This offer cannot be combined with any other offer that may exist on Tata Capital's Personal Loans or Tata Capital's other loan products.

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